The Game of Democracy

Throughout the years, Malaysia’s system has been described as a hybrid regime oscillating between democratic institutions and authoritarian practices, which too often benefits mainly the well-connected. Responding to this, as Malaysians, we are entitled to free speech; however, these are bounded by multiple Acts. While there is an obvious line we cannot cross in exercising free speech, some laws are ambiguous - which sometimes can be used as a tool for oppression by the people in power.

With that in mind, this project takes a humorous and surrealistic point-of-view at the country’s act of democracy – where some authorities spend more time on politics and lavish lifestyles at the expense of the people, and not enough time governing (this is not a protest, it is a meme).

Referencing the traditional parliamentary process as a start, this project reimagines the common practice of democracy, by situating it outside the walls of the parliament chambers, which resulted in a New Parliament on a golf course – the hedonistic activities that the people in power often indulge in, juxtaposed with the realities of the common people, known as the Rakyat.

The project presents itself as a rule book for the New Parliament that has fallen into the hands of a Rakyat, finding ways to (not) protest... by making notes, and memes.