[Urban] Prosthetic Energy

This thesis explored whether it is possible to achieve carbon neutrality by integrating energy generating prosthetics into the fabric of the built environment. This was achieved by developing hybrid prosthetic typologies derived from established building types. In order to balance liveability, cost and carbon with technological prosthetics, a multi-factor analysis and optimisation approach was used in a computational tool that has been constructed over the year.

The primary outputs of the thesis project can be summarised as follows:

Firstly, a computational tool was developed, utilising Grasshopper, Python, and Rhino. This advanced tool empowers controllers, including councils, developers, and architects, to design and construct zero-carbon urban blocks in the Eastern Gateway area.

Secondly, advanced game engine software, such as Unreal Engine, was utilised to create architectural atmosphere visualisations of the Prosthetic vision. These visualisations were enhanced with overlays of information, including carbon offsetting figures and depictions of how residents can interact with the Prosthetic Energy devices integrated into the urban environment.

Thirdly, two user interface products were created, seamlessly communicating through an Application Programming Interface (API). The first application, powered by Unity, enables controllers to effortlessly create, compare, and iterate on proposals for prosthetic urban blocks, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding the selection of productive block proposals. The second application serves as a personalised hub for residents, providing convenient access to a wide range of available prosthetic capabilities. This user interface is written using Swift programming language and is readily accessible through the app store for easy installation and use.

Overall, these outputs exemplify the successful integration of cutting-edge energy-generating technology, advanced visualisation techniques, and user-friendly interfaces. The results greatly support the vision of achieving zero-carbon urban development while actively engaging both controllers and residents in the process.

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