The Sound of Mayfield

Mayfield is characterised by a cacophony of noise. Using soundscapes to listen to Mayfield, I have identified the characteristic sounds which are inherent to the identity of Mayfield and should be celebrated to reignite the lost connection to Manchester. Through research and site visits, I have engaged and understood the natural physical and acoustic characteristics of the railway arches, which were otherwise left to fall to decay, as a dedicated space to design a gallery and celebrate the sounds of Mayfield.

Through a series of design interventions, I have transformed the site into an instrument by harnessing certain sounds, and providing a new cultural listening space within the railway arches for the local community and general public to engage, hear and appreciate these specific sounds which are currently overlooked and lost in the collection of unwanted noise.

My proposal will capture and record the state of change that Mayfield will go through over the next 50+ years through the journey of sounds over time, from the current underdeveloped state, until completion of U+I regeneration masterplan and the opening of HS2, creating a lasting impact through the archive of recorded sounds.

Mayfield’s lost identify will be regenerated and remembered by the public as the innovative cultural area of Manchester that records and performs its own sounds.