Reviving the Straight Mile of Burnley

The project proposes to enhance urban vitality along the abandoned canal in Burnley by improving physical and visual connectivity and introducing interactive activities along it. The aim is to create an extended recreational space for football enthusiasts and other town visitors, fostering community interaction and social unity among the locals, while also offering potential business opportunities for retailers. Ultimately, the project seeks to redefine the user experience of Burnley.

Situated along the Straight Mile section of the Leeds Liverpool canal, this site encompasses various historical facets of Burnley while benefiting from excellent connectivity.  The diverse user groups of Burnley are considered when designing various spaces of experiences as encouraging reasons for their visit. This entails an inviting entrance structure featuring an interactive gaming installation, a viewing tower that enhances visual connectivity with the canal as well as picturesque views of Burnley's suburbs, exhibition spaces, community gardens, and a community centre.

The project acknowledges the historical significance of the site by preserving and restoring its elements, including the adaptive reuse of the disused factory structure into an indoor interactive exhibition space. Sustainability is a core focus, achieved through biodiversity enhancement, minimizing the carbon footprint via reduced construction, and conscientious material selection. By combining the Es- Ecology, Economy, and Entertainment, this project serves as an impetus for reviving Straight Mile of Burnley.