Adaptive reuse proposals

I have a keen interest on working with exhisting structures as I found the issue of the interaction of old and new buildings the most fascinating and topical career challenge. I appreciate their inner building logic and believe that its reuse may even empower the previous structure and make it desirable. Working through different approaches such as historical and cultural analysis, retrofit and envihonment prooving strategies, highlighting original building's features and predicting urban impact allow me to make a holistic and thoughtful project. 

Even though I enjoy working with different eras, I have a favourite - Modernism. I believe that this is a very tricky thing because almost noone besides architects theats it as important historical layer, although we should remember that even Colosseum at once was used as a building materials by people leaving nearby. Modernism has a high potential brcause of its structural grids and modular system.

Studying at MSA helped me make sure that any building before it is demolished should first be considered from the point of view of the possibility of its preservation, because this can be beneficial both financially and culturally.