Project: [ENTER] Change

My passion lies in becoming a sustainable architect who prioritizes the well-being of communities and the environment. I am driven to utilize tools such as systems thinking, computational design, and building information modelling to create environmentally friendly and community-oriented designs.

During the "Enter Change" project, I had the invaluable opportunity to address pressing urban challenges, including the reduction of carbon emissions through a Zero Carbon strategy and the social implications of climate change. This project provided me with a deeper understanding of the interconnected nature of urban issues, particularly in relation to social dynamics.

Specifically, in the project, my focus was on fostering social harmony in Manchester's Eastern Gateway. I aimed to enhance accessibility and promote community cohesion by strategically distributing amenities and green spaces in a decentralized manner. Using the "Cellular Automata" tool, I defined the relationships between different land uses to achieve these goals.

The experience of working on this project has significantly inspired me to consider the profound impact that architecture can have on communities and individuals. Going forward, I am committed to continuous growth as an architect who values sustainability and actively involves the community in the design process. I aspire to transcend purely financial considerations in both building and urban design, drawing upon the knowledge gained from the "Enter Change" project to create architecture that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings and enhances the well-being of its users.