My work targets the ecological issues that stem from the UK's historic agricultural system, and proposes a pathway for green and blue recovery through the provision of hedgerows and wetlands in arable and pasture lands. The improvement of agricultural machinery from the industrial revolution has permitted the expansion of fields and removal of woodland and hedge habitats which have long lasting effects on ecology, evident in the deceasing population of lichens, farmland birds, pollinating species and their predatory species.  One of the core issues of farmlands is it’s wastewater runoff, contaminated with harmful nutrients in fertilisers and pesticides and decreasing marine quality in rivers. Project Overall(s*), proposes farmland symbiosis of waste water management, Farmers’ economic incentives, ecological services via the provision of habitats for a wide range of habitats and an improved phenomenological experience of privatised farmlands that are not experienced by rural communities. 'Park 001', serves as a prototype for new farmlands, as the grass root interventions are of simple and cheap technologies, replicable to create a larger network of ecological funtions for a greater impact.