My thesis project examines the spatial ideology's impact on the urban living of the marginalised migrants in the southern Chinese city, Shenzhen. I studied the game development process as a sub-research topic to communicate this exotic complexity. Commentarial immersions and ludological Open-World are the primary representation other than traditional renderings in this project. 

Inclusive Pecuniary Spatial Ideology is an agglomeration of two paradoxical urban ideologies in the current capital-oriented world. Its construction is completed by studying the existing gentrification strategies of six iconic urban forms(in south china) and then repeated deliberation. The inclusive pecuniary master plan was designed to mingle the inclusiveness of urban village and the social of a pecuniary modern city under its extremely crowded exterior.

Apart from design, I have genuine interests in research and compare the West and East 'situated knowledge' that my culture and the western academic background can offer.

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