The project was completed in cooperation with Haocheng Zhong, Shitian Lin, Xinbo Wang.

A WE WE CITY aims to develop an adaptative approach to community design and ecological improvement. The project is divided to urban level and community level. We designed a tool for residents to participate in a park design and planners to collect data from residents to desige a welcoming river park. And we iterate the urban design of this plot into a planning form that suits our goals.

At the same time, we pay attention to the living conditions of the people in the community to generate future architectural possibilities. The argument for the community is to develop an adaptive system to encourage a longer duration and form a feeling of home ownership for all the residents from students, young professionals, families and aging. All the residence are designed to be prefabricated buildings which have the capacity to grow up or get lower and the amenities' distribution and proportion would also be changed when the demographic information changes.