In my project I want to explore the complexity of the Cavendish banana. One of the cheapest and easily available fruits, it is a significant part of the student’s diet. As a tropical fruit which was crossbred in England (Chatsworth House in Peak District) the seedless banana has become a monoculture dominating the food industry. Grown over 150 countries there are estimated to be over 1000 types, however, many Americans and Europeans are used to this one kind only. The problematics of this banana comes from the Panama disease (TR4) which will eventually commercially wipe out this kind leaving us with two options: to find a replacement (just like the Cavendish is to Gros Michel banana) or to try to diversify the banana industry with several kinds of banana. To tackle the issues of this monoculture my project revolves around raising awareness about bananas. An institution growing various species of banana could educate the diverse Western and international public of Manchester about the different options, possible substitutes and the marketing strategy that has all lead us to only find this yellow fruit attractive for consumption.