I am Jacqueline Lau, and am currently a Year 3 student studying BA in Architecture. I am interested in pursuing a career in the Architecture and Interior Design field after graduation.

My Year 3 studio project is of a proposed building design at the 'Top of Town' in Bradford that allows the three clients involved in this project - The Assembly, FUSE Art Space and the Bradford Civic Society, to use the space freely for their events, like gallery space, an assembly hall and open office working space. The main design elements such as the atriums, recessed levels and the glass floor are driven by the environmental strategies.

The concept of my design is a metaphor of a broken gem, that creates an atmosphere that brings out the heritage within the site - the Fountain Hall. The building has a sandstone exterior cladding, with curtain wall facades at the centre, on both the main towers. The materials are chosen to mimic a piece of stone when broken into half, to reveal the gem within - the listed facade of the Fountain Hall. When you enter the site, the height of the building increases as you walk through the garden and towards the centre of the 'gem', attracting attention to the listed facade.