About me

I am interested in the technology and the future of urban, and the design possibilities of multi-disciplinary cooperation. I always look at design projects from different perspectives to break the traditional design patterns.

Thesis project: The Zootopia:Rewilding Manchester

Cities already occupy a large amount of natural habitat. During the Pandemic, wild animals visibly flooded into cities, and people generally feel happy and excited about this. Our research question is: “How to design urban spaces based on the idea of Biocentrism, helping wildlife better inhabit the city and form a harmonious urban coexistence with humans?” We focus on 30-year urban planning in Manchester and gradually transform Manchester into a wildlife-friendly city through three stages: point, surface, and line. Our core strategy is accessibility and mobility, which is what wildlife need to enter the city and live in the city. We narrow down our work to make it more convincing and feasible by researching and selecting specific species.

In the "Point" stage, we selected existing urban green spaces and set up some facilities to help animals settle better. In the "Surface" stage, through the analysis of the city's current situation, we selected an area within 25m along the river for urban restoration and reforestation, which is the activity width required by the animals. The "Line" stage aims to connect urban green patches to form a huge green transportation network in the future. The transportation network between humans and animals is separated but interconnected, transforming the city into a shared habitat for wildlife and human.

The Zootopia:Rewilding Manchester is a thesis project by Shuo Pan and Junfu Xiao.