I had a great opportunity to study and research at the Manchester School of Architecture after completing my Bachelors in Architecture from University of Mumbai in India. 

As a student of architecture and urbanism during and post the period of pandemic, I experienced the effects of lockdown and then the gradual return to social life within the city. My dissertation topic is to study Impact Of Renewed Public Spaces On Cities And Their Effect On Urban Life During The Pandemic 


During my academic year, I have studied and introduced design based intervention to the dynamic urban space of The Village within the city centre of Manchester for my Studio B and C. I compared and repurposed the previously released Strategic Regeneration Framework with the City Centre Transport Strategy Consultation Outcome to introduce functions within the space that aligns with the heritage, public space identity and existing urban density of the area. The title of my studio thesis is Retain, Rethink, Reassign, Reuse Public Spaces in Manchester


To further my spacial understanding of the urban space, I chose to work on a group project regarding the regeneration of the UMIST campus into an Innovation District in my studio A module. The study of the connected urban spaces located within the city centre and a part of the city’s heritage that was developed over different centuries has helped me to understand Manchester’s history of urban development and the city’s character focused on various user groups within its nucleus.


My aim is to be involved in urban projects that will engage my skills acquired with my Master’s degree, and help build cities and public spaces that are inclusive, inspiring and impacting.