This thesis project ‘Designing Out Loneliness’ addresses the issues of loneliness and social isolation within my hometown of Huddersfield.

Loneliness is an epidemic, effecting all corners of the world and across all demographics. I believe residential design and master planning all too often overlook the intersectionality of communities and the needs and desires of these new residents. 

Where can I simply meet someone?

My thesis project aims to address these issues through designing a series of public realm masterplans which include 14 programme elements. The three masterplans are situated in contrasting locations within Huddersfield (town centre, rural/urban fringe and rural village). Master planning which promotes public realm and landscaping alongside mixed use development prevents issues of social isolation which may be brought about through little or no access to local amenities or transport facilities.

Social interaction, participation and integration of residents is improved throughout these masterplans not only though sporting, leisure, education and cultural facilities but also through incorporating three small interventions into residential and mixed use areas. The ‘talkscapes’, ‘playscapes’ and ‘cultural’ interventions all promote intersectional relationships to form between neighbours, creating a neighbourhood where residents feel safe, respected and valued.