As someone who has had her eyes opened to the different possibilities that architecture and urbanism can have, I have chosen to examine the different issues these fields might be facing in my home country, the Sultanate of Oman. 

Starting with the general approach that the architectural industry is heading towards, my thesis revolves around designing a contemporary library in an area in the capital Muscat, known as Old Muscat. This design challenged the existing architectural norms of the city yet adapted to preserve natural and cultural heritage within its design. 

In contrast to this, my dissertation highlighted another issue posed by the built environment in Muscat that is the spatial segregation of blue-collar workers. This essay elaborated on the neighborhood effects theory in relation to the local sponsorship system known as the kafala system.

Thesis: The Contemporary Library of Old Muscat: Where Contemporary Architecture Meets a Traditional City

Dissertation: The Spatial Segregation of Blue-collar Workers in Muscat