As Architects it is our job to be future-forward-thinkers, but we cannot simply predict the future without the upmost expectation to one day be proven wrong. 

Infrastructural projects spanning the magnitude of this project can be found in unversity shows, with an array of doubt, un-believability and a sense of grandioso for the sake of it, with no questions asked, no solutions found, no sense of "Architecture" rather images to showcase you can use x software. 

Instead, the boundaries pushed via this project bring a substance to masterplanning projects, realism supported through theories of implementation and quality in approach to solve genuine issues that we can take outside of the educational space into the real world.

We have showcased technologies that superseded the need for vehicular access, but the state of the world in 2041 may bring opportunities for roads we are not yet aware of. In a utopian outcome, the project demands are easier to solve, without financial, political or sociological boundaries there would be no need for Architects.

We therefore challenged the scope of these boundaries through the lens of infrastructure and architecture, to prove the importance of our design choices and stances, and their effects on the present and future. 

Technology moves fast. Why shouldn’t infrastructure?