What I’m focus on is old city reconstruction. It is very interesting to update the existing buildings with unique architectural style and regional culture. My projects in MA study is most of urban villages reconstruction. The whole set of operational ideas and modes of the urban village reconstruction communication constitute a set of paradigm of the urban village reconstruction design. There is a desire for quick success and a disconnection from real life. It is the penetration and erosion of the urban lifestyle to the urban village lifestyle. The distinction between mechanical and functional life in the city affects the complexity of the original real life. The intrusion of simple and efficient ideas into life makes people's life become functionalized. Therefore, in the context of such a large social paradigm, the so-called transformation design has become a way of operation to transfer the paradigm of urban life to the village in the city. It is also eliminating cultural differences between urban and rural areas. This paradigm operation deserves further discussion. Because once the difference between urban and rural disappear, it also means the collapse and disappearance of the original rural culture.