Urban Forest

Project by Jiao Xie, Junjie Su, Siyu Xie, Menghan Chen.

Urban Forest is my year6 thesis project, working with Manchester City Council and Far East Construction, this project explores how to reimage the essential neighbourhoods of Northern Gateway (Manchester, UK) to improve human wellbeing and biodiversity. Urban sprawl and neglect of urban green space have caused landscape fragmentation, which further affects the quality of neighbourhoods. For this situation, we develop a generative computational tool to design a new connected urban open space network with a large proportion of green space. It will allow citizens to have more access to green amenities as well as enjoy a liveable and sustainable neighbourhood. Based on the theoretical study of various fields, we designed our own logic and computational design methods, and export them into an urban design generation tool in the final stage of this semester in studio3. We provide this tool to urban planners to better improving the biodiversity and the wellbeing of residents. We also provide this tool to residents so that they can better understand the close relationship between this green city and their lives.

For the full portfolio of the project: https://issuu.com/397924106/docs/urbanforest