The research illustrates the food security problems in the United Kingdom, post-Brexit, and reveals the dependence on food imports. The country spends over £50 billion annually on fresh and processes food imports, while 17,5 million hectares being used for agriculture.

How can transportation be minimised and food production maximized?

Locally sourced vegetables create a system to support locally sourced seasonal vegetables to reduce the import and create a self-sustainable community. Post Brexit-Covid19 several changes will occur at the society level. More home-work balance, food safety will be more important, and opportunities to develop the national agriculture. The technological advancement allows growing numerous plants in a controlled environment and artificial climate, growing plants which were not possible due to the climate unsuitability.

The first part of the project revealed gaps in the transportation system and the long mileage required for good to reach customers, largely impacting the environment. The Brexit and pandemic affected the inhabitancy economy, numerous not having access to sufficient food.

The second part explored the food movement conditions in the social, land, value, and technological context to achieve a self-sufficient community. The aim was to explore the limitations and possibilities of agriculture and food production.

The final part was testing and applying the findings to create a fully self-sufficient community, aiming to achieve zero food waste, combat hunger and obesity and educate humans on a healthy diet. Indoor and outdoor, public and private farming was created to achieve these goals and enable the production of plants independent of climate condition.

The masterplan explored the ideal space to place the structures, in relation to crop production, land use, high-risk flooding area and walking distance. While the indoors use high technology vertical farms and processing facilities, the building's footprint was maximized by creating multi-crop plantations and allotments.