The Human Condition. Since the beginning of the pandemic and the need to quarantine, across the UK there has been an increase in poor physical and mental health. With social isolation, and not being able to access healthcare, the wellbeing of society has plumeted.

When the humans hid away, and production travel  paused, nature came out to play. The disease of humanity on the earth was beginning to heal. However, we cannot live this way, in segregation with other life. In my project I explored the idea of unity as a planet between all life forms. Alls cells forming one organism, thus in order to heal the planet we must first heal ourselves.

On the former abbatoir site, a site of death and destruction of other life, I proposed Alive: A health and wellness education centre: healing the human condition and creating consciousness by educating young people on how to be healthy and make a healthy contribution to the unity of the planet. This university focuses on personal care- the fundamental knowledge in life that regular education forgot: Knowledge of oneself, their mind, body, patterns, actions and impact on the ecosystem that is our earth. Alive university gives this type of learning its own space.

I focused on creating a calming and sensory stimulating spaces to induce alpha brain waves in students, aiding them to relax, learn easier and retain knowledge better. Alpha states also induce creativity and awareness, allowing students live and act consiously towards the world around them.

Conscious creation is my motto, and I design with sustainability and consideration of others at the forefront of my core values.