‘The Perception of Distortion’ addresses the issue of severe anxiety amplified by the relationship of an individual with an urban environment, contributing to the discussion about more inclusive design.

Through the use of narrative-based immersive 360° videos, the project investigates different characters’ subjective experience of Manchester. It then tells their story through the design of spaces that translate their perception into architecture. This is achieved through the use of design methodology influenced by expressionism, phenomenology and cognitive mapping. The proposed spaces draw upon collective memories such as twentieth-century German movies or architecture of deconstructivism. The technical aspects of the spaces, such as acoustics, are developed in detail to contribute to the impact that the designed architecture has on anxiety. The design methodology was created through artistic explorations such as website game, augmented reality installation and performances.

Through the designed spaces that are represented by a collection of visualisations, the project aims to place people who do not have the experience of severe anxiety in the minds of individuals affected by it to broaden the understanding of the problem.

The thesis illustrates my fascination with inclusive design, investigating and enhancing the connections between architecture, health and wellbeing of the users and the application of innovative building technology combined with my interest in exploring and emphasising the character of the existing places.

My work can be viewed at: www.ksandura.wixsite.com/portfolio