A service station in the future

In the near future, AI technologies will improve the way people live, work and travel. As different types of users emerge and disappear, architects have to respond to their needs through design, and be aware of new technologies that can improve user experience.

The aim of this project is to design a service station that will be fit to serve in the hypothetical future. Features such as special vehicle elevators and driveways provide better charging infrastructure for the increasing number of electric vehicles being registered on the road. The vehicle elevator not only gives space for other more useful programmes, but are also connected to the repair workshops which are situated underground.

The station also provides a quicker food delivery service to passengers through the use of drones which travel between the driveway and the kitchens. Visitors can order in advance through phone apps and pick up their order through the car window as they drive by the station.

The structure design allows the building to acts as a ‘plug-in’ to the future road infrastructure. Consisted of a series of modules that sits parallel to the highway, at a location that is the most ideal for people to decompress, resupply or charge their vehicles. Although the project is located on the M58 motorway, it is only an example. The design can hypothetically fit next to any motorway around the world.