Agglomeration #003 is a social, economic, political and infrastructural prototype that aims to strengthen and revive the Rural. Through research and mapping, it becomes evident that the majority of Rural towns have primarily remained in a state of stagnation due to Urban-driven national policies. The issue with broad brush restrictions is that they often don’t sufficiently account for the needs of communities at the ground level.

Looking at the M58 corridor in specific, the Greenbelt policy is shown to restrict the growth of Rural towns it encapsulates, leaving them in stasis.

“Only a crisis- actual or perceived- produces real change.” Milton Freedman

The current shock of the Covid-19 Pandemic can allow us to address Rural stagnation by changing national policy, or by creating an equipoised dichotomy of Rural and Urban economies.

Hence, the Technocratic Co-op Corporate Rural Federation was established along with its own Rural currency, political structure and residency laws.

The aim is to establish a shock-resistant and economically stable Rural Federation that relies on a Stakeholder Capitalist system in which Rural companies would seek long-term value creation by taking into account the needs of all their stakeholders, and the society at large, while also competing in local and international markets through its various sustainable industrial innovations.

First, we establish various agglomerations throughout the Rural Federation, then physically and digitally unify them through grey, green and blue infrastructures.

Three main repeating entities emerge from each agglomeration in process of unifying them in creating a stable economy and better standard of living, the Ministry, the Bank and the Tower.