This project attempts to challenge the current architectural paradigm, aiming for unconventional geometries and features that would create a distinctive environment. The freedom of being encouraged to experiment had to be counterbalanced by a strong core concept that would drive the design process forward, a concept which I found in the similarities between the Universe and the brain in terms of their organizational models, governing laws, and visual representations. The tower features an organic and sculptural primary structure intersected with multiple strict volumes, juxtaposing irregularity with order. The orientation and spacing of these boxes are based on daylighting and wind analyses, aiming to create a comfortable and pleasant interior environment, as well as frame perspectives and generate complex urban micro-landscapes. The dynamic light installation makes use of the users’ movement, allowing the building to stand out and enhance both the interior and exterior spaces, which are, ultimately, the central subjects of this project.

My experience with AP offered me the opportunity to experiment and test different ideas. I was able to challenge myself and what my understanding of architecture was. I was also able to try different pieces of software (Rhino, Grasshopper, Ladybug, SimScale - cfd analysis, Blender - animation, V-Ray) and improve my design process and visualization skills. It has been a great learning experience and I strongly believe it has shaped and defined my interests and abilities and that it will continue to do so.