By converting All Saints library into a street food market could bring more customers not just for university students but also people from the city centre or travellers passing by, which act as a city "Gas station". The food market also provides teaching sessions which really gets people involved and enjoy the fun from the cooking process. The external infrastructures created an interaction between the market and the exciting landscape. The skywalk bridge in All Saints park enhanced the external circulation while providing multiple levels of break and eating areas, to give customers a view towards the city and university campus. Moving onto the bicycle lane that links Mauncain Way with the market, it improved the accessibility for people who are travelling on their bicycles. Also, it encourages physical health by taking regular exercise from home to the market or any other stopping points. Therefore, the market fulfils the goal from my manifesto, which is to bring everyone together, bring the friends you study with or bring the person you care for. 

For the practice, I would like to work in a firm where they undertake different projects not just focusing on one sector. Tadao Ando has his own perception of concrete and he did not just focus on housing or apartment development but also a gallery, museum or church etc…  by using the same material you could adopt it into various landscapes. Therefore, I don’t mind working in any small or large practices as long as they have their own design principles and are willing to take on different challenges. It is going to be a great chance to study during the development process or concept stage to understand different groups of user needs and how to utilize the landscape to meet both the customer and environmental demand.