The two-year postgraduate study is coming to an end. I am very grateful for the teaching and guidance of several CPU and USE tutors, and the help and support of my teammates, family and friends. Although I have only studied in MSA for 2 years, this experience is still extraordinary for me. From the immature when I first come to the UK, now I have a deeper understanding of MSA's concept and research methods, which will help my work and study in the future.

PS1(Co-work with Mangting Lyu) - The project aims to achieve the transition from the "stage" of Robert Plant's music to the "stage" of his life.

PS2(Co-work with Gei Ga Wong') - The project focused on the 're-use' of the island of Poveglia. The proposed design has two routes to the design- life and death.

Studio1/2/3(Co-work with Shitian Lin, Tiantian Ge, Xinbo Wang) - In Studio 1 we focused on researching the site and typology of the buildings and different urban design theories in different hierarchies to form our urban design strategy. In Studio 2, we focused on developing our urban spatial strategies, computational experiments, and tools to apply the theories learned in Studio 01 to design urban patterns and generation. The final project aims to develop an adaptative approach to community design and ecological improvement. We designed a tool for residents to participate in a park design and planners to collect data from residents to design a welcoming river park. And we iterate the urban design of this plot into a planning form that suits our goals. At the same time, we pay attention to the living conditions of the people in the community to generate future architectural possibilities.