THE FACTORY: A food redistribution centre.

This project aims to reduce food waste in Manchester by starting from campus. It provides a central platform where all food surplus from both campus; Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Manchester, can be collected and made into new meals for the community in need in Manchester. Challenging the typical typology of a factory, THE FACTORY's design concept revolves around "Socialistic factory" notion stemmed from William Morris's text A Factory As It Might Be along with future resilience and sustainability considerations.

THE FACTORY is a private building, consists of two main programmes; production and retreat. On the ground floor, the mass is divided into 3 to allow the public to interact with the building and create private entrances for the workers. The production spaces are connected visually to the retreat spaces and are facilitated by conveyor belts that pass through room to room and floor to floor. The retreat part of THE FACTORY consists of common spaces on each floor, a recharge space, a cafe for the workers and green terraces facing All Saints Park.

The structural and envelope components are pre-fabricated to reduce waste on site and allow for future rearrangement or dissassemblage when current programmes are no longer needed. Anaerobic digester, water harvesting and solar energy systems are incorporated to reduce energy and water consumption.