My thesis research explored the mental health issues among Architecture students in the UK, and how the Architectural education may evolve to combat the perfectionism in the next generation of designers.

By overlaying my research, I am proposing a new ‘anti-normal’ school of Architecture in Manchester that redefines Architectural education by exploring the different disciplines within Architecture, creating new ways of learning and teaching Architecture, and exploring alternative career paths. The School of Alternative Architecture focuses on the various niche specialisms within architecture, which includes building at 1:1, food architecture, VR and gaming, and so on. 

By understanding the way we use spaces and creating unique spatial experiences, it creates an opportunity to address the perfectionism embedded within Architecture. The School steers away from working countless hours on a desk in front of a computer, and each learning space is designed specifically for hands-on learning and building.

My proposal is to shut part of the Mancunian Way to create a safer, greener and healthier campus for the students and the local community by using the Mancunian Way as a site for testing and experimenting. This encourages the diverse peoples of Manchester to engage with the school, and to promote collaboration between the students and the local residents.