I am mainly interested in bridging the interaction between design and demand through data clustering, analysis and visualization and commercialization of data service in my degree. 

At present, in order to realize this gradually, I had mainly tried a variety of data-related tools to assist or even guide the design in some necessary links of my course works, repesentative cases include the application of space syntax in a friendly-walking system for the golden slum of China, the application of space syntax + SPSS in interaction between community activities and commercial complex, and the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in self-growth air system (urban air-conditioning).

Absolutely, now this exploration direction just a draft blueprint that is still in need of the input of various comprehensive factors to draw up jointly. But fortunately, I believe I find a cause worthy of my lifetime's dedication. At least it has been proved by the trend and challenge happened in China's current urbanization that the progress and practice of the above technologies largely exist unlimited potential and market in my motherland - China - a significant part of human community. 

Good luck to me and my dream.