Sitka tower is a high rise located in the heart of Manchester. The design of the tower has been derived using principles of biomimicry and sustainability. Plant morphology has been studied, imitated and adapted in the development of the tower and its environmental strategies. Organic influences such as the water harvesting Tank Bromeliad and the Heliotropic Arctic Poppy have all aided in the formulation of the design of the tower. The 'trunk' of the tower consists of modular floors and segments which contain office and amenity spaces. Green sky terraces have been incorporated into each floor of the tower such that outdoor space is accessible throughout. Sustainability has be paramount throughout the design process. The circular plan of the tower facilitates the rotation of a mechanical photovoltaic array which harvests solar energy. In recognition of both the biomimetic and sustainable approach to designing the tower its name is derived from the species of tree, the Sitka Spruce, which will be used for the structural laminated timber elements of the tower. The tower is intended to be an example of a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to high rise construction and design, which makes use of advanced manufacturing and construction practices.