As humans, we are programmed to avoid the unknowns of darkness and steer towards the guidance which illuminated spaces can provide. A streak of light in a void of darkness often acts as a pathway for the individual to follow, but what if the boundaries of light and darkness were able to create an environment where the users senses were heightened to experience a completely new journey along the Mancunian Way?

Through the contrasting effects of light and shadow, The Realm of Senses seeks to restore the sensory experiences of the user as they transition through spaces above and below the monolithic structure.

Following on from the showcase of temporary art installations along the Mancunian Way, The Realm of Senses provides a more established gallery space which will create a platform for local artists to showcase their work. In addition to such temporary exhibitions, a series of permanent ‘Shells' will utilise the everlasting natural effects of light and darkness to create an immersive atmosphere below the structure of the Mancunian Way. 

The combination of temporary and permanent art installations will attract a diverse range of users to experience the natural and artificial effects which the building will have on their sensory receptors. Careful consideration of optical and tactile registers will create an environment in which users are able to fully immerse themselves in an alternate reality to the journey along the Mancunian Way today.