The exploration of the "performative morphologies" concept started with the design of an interactive pavilion, a space that gives the impression of a "living" structure due to its constant visual changes. By using the Pavegen tiling system to power an assembly of PDLC triangular panels, a "breathing" effect is created every time a person walks next to its walls. The "heart" of the living pavilion is represented by two cores with pulsating light and is protected by the "rib cage", visually expressed through the timber undulated strips. Inspired by this last element, the duality of fluid shapes and rigid materials and the idea of "living architecture", a 160m tall office building has been created.

The designed office building aims to bring people together in a healthy and creative work environment centred around the user, its experience and the interaction with space. Focusing on users' wellbeing, the building offers optimised conditions for desk-based work, with reflected natural light, views of the exterior, access to outside community spaces and garden areas, all wrapped around by a fluid-shaped aluminium carcass that creates a unique visual experience. The movement effect, created by the organic-shaped structure, is amplified by slowly pulsating red LEDs attached to the carcass. A strong connection between the exterior and the interior is created through the suspended timber ceiling, translating the aesthetic of the "Breathe" pavilion into the workplace area.