What is the future of the Service Station in the Post-Covid and Brexit world? 

The brief of the project was to discover the unrealized junction 2 of the M58, a key route between Liverpool and Skelmersdale, Wigan and the M6. 

My proposal is to consider the service station as a destination that focuses on the future of farming in a post-Brexit world. With the main programme of the building a greenhouse, the scheme is a place for farmers to come together and motorway users to escape from the road. Taking inspiration from the Eden Project, an ETFE roof drapes over the site, protecting everything within from the elements and creating a greenhouse environment for fresh fruit and vegetables to thrive.

The scheme is based on the concept of Farm To Fork, an approach that aims to accelerate our transition to a sustainable food system by shortening the processes between farm and fork. Everything grown in the greenhouse will be served in the service station restaurants and packaged into meal boxes for local distribution which also reduces food wastage within the building. 

A laboratory, shop, warehouse, and restaurants are linked by Treehouse Galleries and Walkways, creating jobs in the local community and providing a one-of-a-kind service station experience.