I am a BIM enthusiast and a recognised BIM Practitioner with BSI where I am also undertaking a Diploma in ISO 9001. I believe tasks should be completed accurately, effectively and efficiently; therefore, I strive to improve myself where possible. I believe in the ‘Theory of Everything’ and my interests like gaming, chess and property refurbishments has, and will continue to contribute to my design development and career as an Architect. My goal is to become a Charted Architect with IMaPs, ChPP and a Certified BIM Professional.

Year 5:

Future Didsbury Project – Live Clients

Hive Residents

Year 6:

Cricket Farm – Live Clients

BDMCR (Big Data Manchester)

Each year we have projects working with live clients that develops our communication skills and response to briefs, reviews and criticism.

This year we worked on developing a Cricket Farm, C-Homes; an innovative solution to provide protein for our daily diets. C-Homes was developed with the future in mind. I focused on modular construction and innovative technologies such as blue roofs, modern solar & ventilation systems and piezoelectricity generation.

BDMCR explored MMC to develop the building whilst including modern technologies, revised building regulations and the ability to adapt and analyse data for future development. The wide scope of including multiple programs allow for primary data collection and increase the ROI of the building development.

The open ground and first floors provide retail space and expandability for commercial developments and research. The third-floor restaurant provides information regarding the hospitality sector. The area above the fourth provides a range of different residential compartments for comprehensive data. Additional programs such as offices, sports courts and a running track add additional data to the system. The building also provides area to gather wind, rain and solar data whilst providing valuable resources for the daily running of the building.