My recent work revolved around the concept of urban farming and greenhouses, something that sparked my interest in mixed-use and commercial projects, drifting away from my comfort zone of residential projects. My head would always turn to something that would target the majority, as the central purpose of my building, resulting to the idea of herb production, since herbs is an ingredient that is used in every cuisine worldwide.

During my programme development, I decided to utilise the idea of plain concrete. Throughout the years, through Technologies lectures on concrete and glass technologies and Humanities lessons on Modernism and Minimalism, I started incorporating even more vigorously the idea of concrete and glass combination through the form of curtain walls, creating fascinating visual views, especially with the rooftop balcony concept.

Creating a place of sustainability and sensibility around the brutality and roughness of concrete and the elegance of glass, became a vision that could raise awareness to people, that today we as a humankind, no matter the status we have, are affected directly by the effects of global warming. I want to show the potentiality of the people as a group, especially in cooperation and resilience, when we work together and care about each other, we can bring the best out of ourselves in a sustainable and efficient way, without having to harm ourselves and the environment, while at the same time utilising green wall technologies and vegetation, as to illustrate a post-apocalyptic scenery, showing a future where no action is taken seriously.