At Part 2 (MArch) level, Professional Studies ensures that students have the opportunity to evidence how they have gained knowledge of the industries, organisations, regulations and procedures involved in translating design concepts into buildings and integrating plans into overall planning.

Through a series of lectures by staff and practising experts, the students gain a better understanding of the professional world of architecture before demonstrating how they can apply that on their own projects.

This year the students relished the opportunity to review a previous studio project and discuss how they could improve it with their enhanced knowledge. They also formed a theoretical practice to showcase how they might put a business together and benefit from current or future trends in construction and design, often reaching beyond the 'traditional;' model of practice. This year there have been an inspirational set of proposals that have a firm social or ethical foundation, consider post-pandemic working on a global scale, the reuse of redundant plane parts of stadium spaces, energy and climate change challenges and the digital future – one proto-practice has also written an article for Intelligent Architecture about modular construction.