Speaking of Lilong, people will involuntarily think of the name of Shanghai. To a certain extent, Lilong has become a symbol of Shanghai because of its unique architectural form combining Chinese and Western features. However, due to in poor quality, incomplete facilities, and with a dirty environment, a large number of Shikumen Lilong neighborhoodin the city center has been demolished in a short period of time. Lilong is facing the danger of disappearing. In recent years, with the emphasis on the protection of historical and cultural heritage, the protection of Shikumen buildings has aroused the concern and attention of all sectors of society.

This urban design focuses Shikumen Lilong neighborhood to carry out in-depth research. The survey is carried out from the historical changes, community living environment, residents' composition, housing type, construction quality and so on. We found that it is this unique space that strengthens the interpersonal communication in Lilong. How to enhance the intangible heritage and improve the local residents living condition become the main priority in this design? Through the renovation and transformation, each household has its own independent sanitary facilities and cross ventilation. At the same time, the design of shared kitchen space is an open place where all kinds of activities will take place here, which has greatly improved the living environment of local residents. It is an attempt to transform the residential area of Shikumen Lilong.