My project of studio A is located in Matera which is a cave city. The design conception of the  studio A is a shining museum which aims to get a better light in cave city Matera. 

I choose the light hole as a strategy to rebuid a museum near Sassi. The project is located at Piazza Porta bistala, the museum space will capture light within the cave city. With the Sassi on one side, near-space reach into the valley to provide new cultural venus and experience. 

The project location of studio B and studio C are both in Vienna city which is the  mucial city in the world.  

The project is located next to Donau City, on the left bank of the new Danube Canal, Neue Donau, passing through the city of Vienna. It is a neighborhood of mainly tertiary character with office buildings of great height, developed in the last 20 years, including the Vienna International Centre.

In the proposal design, there are water space, leisure space, commercial space, living space, sports space and social space in this new area Danube Vienna which is in different levels.