This proposal aims to enhance the connection between Barrow in Furness and Walney Island, using a network of greenways to link people to green spaces, improve accessibility and form a green network. The greenway proposal aims to create a more functional road space to improve city livability and biodiversity.

The strategy is to try to improve the accessibility and functionality of the sterile green infrastructure and create a more safe, healthy and interesting routes for both tourists and the local community. It can improve the mental and physical health of citizens, while accelerating the local economy.

On Walney Island, barren grassland will be replaced by a multi-functional, flood resilient park which will support the health and wellbeing of the local community. Existing allotment gardens will be complemented by a new community garden and orchard, which will produce vegetables and fruit to reduce local food costs. In addition, those facilities will form an edible landscape not only for residents but also as a food resource for wildlife to improve biodiversity. New social facilities such as a café will act as an outlet for food grown on the site. The central food production area will double up as a social hub and also as a flood storage basin, catching and holding run off from the wider area.

Native woodland, wet woodland and a flower field give more character and diverse land use to the site, and provide different type of habitats to improve biodiversity. The wet woodland also acts as a drainage system to ensure a zero runoff within the site.