Hanoi Old Quarter is the most well know and important districts in Hanoi which are considered the city’s business hub and main tourist destination. Due to the historical nature, the area currently has a very high population density. The quality of life of the people is degraded due to the old infrastructure. One of Hanoi Old Quarter’s most common sights is that of streets packed with scooters, bicycles and cars swarming around pedestrians like a school of fish. Then there are the many sidewalk vendors and people simply out for a stroll and the popular Old Quarter is no exception so walking around this district is distinct from a leisurely stroll in the park. Visitors have no choice but to face the traffic in the local style. 

My goal in this project is to create a community living in an area in Hanoi old quarter. I want to develop this area and preserve its indigenous cultural values, while also developing the entire Hanoi Old Quarter area. Considering the surveys, documents, literature and research in this area, I understand that indigenous people need a balance between living space and public space. They need sustainable solutions with a long term, rather than chasing tourism and economy development without regard to the environment.

Design's priority is to be able to create a balanced living space. Therefore, the main program is LANDSCAPE, RESIDENTIAL and TRANSPORT SYSTEM.

I hope this project will be able to expand and use for the entire area of Hanoi Old Quarter and other historic areas of the city. I hope my project will contribute one more solution to solve problems for Hanoi Old Quarter area, and at the same time continue to search for new solutions for this crowded and ancient area.