This is a project aiming to address some of the most urgent problems of the world today and the modern office worker. Due to our busy lifestyles, many of us experience high levels of stress and anxiety, especially at work. The working environment plays a key role in that. The Well-being tower is a new kind of office space, which strives to improve its users’ health and happiness through several design strategies. It provides different environments ranging from typical open offices, sky gardens with restaurants, and game areas to an open viewing platform, revealing amazing views towards the city. Nature is also an essential part of the design and it could be found everywhere in the skyscraper, as it is a powerful tool to benefit workers’ well-being. Furthermore, there are numerous spaces all over the building encouraging people to meet, talk and collaborate.  All of this results in increased productivity, motivation for the employees, and in much happier and healthier individuals.

The Well-being tower doesn’t only aim to improve the health of its occupants, but also the health of our planet. The whole structure of the skyscraper is designed to be made out of timber (more specifically CLT). Being a renewable source and one that stores carbon, CLT is very likely to be increasingly more utilised in the architecture of the future.  Although a timber skyscraper project of this height (240m) has not been executed in practice yet, such projects are achievable and many architects and scientists are heavily investigating the possibilities of building with sustainable materials.  Manchester, being a city of innovation and progress, is the perfect place to become the home of the highest timber tower ever built. Manchester was the birthplace of a revolution that changed the world in the 19th century. Now it’s time for a new one, which is all about living and building more responsibly than ever before.