'Generating Vitality'

Throughout my degree I have come to define my position as an aspiring Architect, who aims to address the Anthropocene age by creating landcapes and infrastructure that enhance and bind the best of human and nature. Through these ecological, urban and self-sustaining spaces, they will benefit the Earth whilst providing a stimulating environment to improve well-being and health amongst humanity. Accordingly, my final year project is a cumulation of inspiring technology, history, biology and vernacular architectural concepts to create:

A Biogas Energy Plant Embedded in a Water Ecological Park

Step 1: Flooding the Irk valley into a vast man-made reservoir in the heart of Manchester. Step 2: Growing the potential of the botanical inhabitants that claim the land. Step 3: Generating a local source of energy for the surrounding community.

All these effects cumulate to birth an architectural landmark for Manchester, that will act as the first node to interconnect the local ecological diversity and to provide a leisure area with a natural and sustainable interface.

This first ripple will cultivate a revolutionary mindset to ignite awareness of the Anthropocene, primarily within the people of Manchester and then further communicating globally. The heart of the park is a porous building with the function of spiritual purification and nature of curiosity. 

This is a sensory experience between water, Irk valley and its foliage. The flux of water and geometric form, as the visitors pass through, invokes a response to the rich history of the site as well as currently ill fate of our Earth.