Humphrey Head is on the west coast of the United Kingdom, near the industrial town of Barrow-In-Furness. Humphrey Head is a part of the Limestone ranges from the Lake District in North. This area is protected under 3 different designations viz. Ancient Woodland, National Conservation Reserve, and SSSI Protective Site.

The design proposes first the DISCONNECTION of Humphrey Head from the mainland through the reconfiguration of the existing seawall which has artifically linked it for the last 200 years, and, secondly, its RECONNECTION through the construction of a new semi-circular bridge. This bridge gives a sense of connection between mainland and peninsula, acting as a thread tying together the different landscapes: the wetland, and the dense woodland on Humphrey Head. Its curving form introduces a dynamic tension to the experience, approaching obliquely while revealing differing views of the coastal landscape.

A secondary purpose of this design was to make changes in the landscape while utilizing the materials that are already present in the area. The local aspect of the area needed to be enhanced with slight changes, redesigning and rethinking existing landscape elements and repurposing buildings.