The very notion of starting a series of images depicting the lives of the ever so invisible population group wandering the streets – the homeless, emerged in late 2019. The earlier shots of the homeless situation were taken as part of a personal photographic journey depicting my stay in Manchester and there was not much emphasis placed upon this particular destitute group of society. However, in the festive periods of Christmas of 2019, I realized the importance of documenting the livelihood of these individuals as in total contrast to the lives of many who were spent around a dinner table with friends and family, the homeless would be to their own on the streets. Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 global pandemic and subsequent unparalleled indoor confinement, the life of the homeless was not just magnified for the world to see; it was one which personally could not be ignored anymore as compared to the time it was simply drowned in the crowds.

We are currently living in an era of fast communication and information, swayed by imagery and conveyed on a global scale through an ocular medium. Homelessness has been and still is problemed societies are facing around the world and I wanted through my lens and this mini-series of images to expose a human situation that is both local and global.