The architectural housing project #TreeCommunity focuses on creating and expanding a community set in Old Trafford. The program focuses on rehabilitation and mental health, as starting points of a healthy, knit-tight community. This is achieved through the three main stages of the project which lead to someone’s reintegration into society. Three different housing types are therefore attributed to these steps of personal rediscovery and regrowth, which revolve around and veil a rehabilitation center that represents the heart of the community, connecting the three stages and creating a beautiful narrative.

The series of images starts with an early design of the project, offering a hint on the project development and how the spaces and buildings have changed. Hence, the first images focus on the ambiance and leitmotifs which led this project throughout the whole year: vegetation, natural materials, water elements and organic shapes as therapeutic components which aim to speed up the recovery process.

Moving on to the final form of #TreeCommunity, the design is depicted from far, zooming in picture by picture in order to give a better understanding of the program and spaces.  The focus is on the people: how they respond to the design and make into a unity, what experience they are given and how social interactions are promoted and encouraged between the residents. Aiming for the consolidation and growth of the community, various social focuses have been created within the project: while the flats represent the privacy - the personal space, the terraces, garden and café promote social, natural interactions. The rehabilitation center is versatile. The translucent walls between the rooms open up and close back down in order to adapt the space to the various activities, seminars and counselling sessions which take place every day and involve the whole community.