The overarching concept for my final year project is a housing scheme that thrives on the idea of a nature driven environment. Surrounded by lush greeneries and built on a man made terrain, this housing project is community driven and celebrates inclusivity as well as cultivating positive neighbourhood relationships. 

My body of work for my final year project is driven towards incorporating surrealist graphical illustrations as the main conceptual idea. This narrative was invoked from the inclination to utilise the point of view of a child in illustrating parts of my project. I believe that the eclectic, creative and colourful nature of a child's mind are rarely celebrated and with my body work, it is hoped that this will be brought to light.

My love for hand drawings are always explicitly shown in my work as I always try to incorporate hand drawn visuals wherever suitable. I instinctively feel that the rawness of hand sketches can stimulate visceral and the spiritual senses. I love experimenting with different drawing materials such as ink pens, graphite, charcoal and marker pens, and I'm always open to learn new drawing tools that could elevate the quality of my work.

Other than Architecture, I have a deeprooted interest in art and design. I aspire to become an art director as I believe that the career prospect allows me to fully manifest my ideas and become a creative outlet for me to express myself and bring ideas to life.