“Pen” for penal; “topia” from Greek:τόπος, means a place, which is a word made for a fascinating penitentiary society is challenging the system of traditional close prison. 


People who committed crimes have to stay in prison as a punishment is legal. A more than 30% of prisoners in closed prisons end up behind bars again. To break the inhumanity prison system and challenge the penitentiary concept in Pentopia- a therapeutic green open prison, open prisoners can enjoy some degree of freedom, re-establish family ties, reintegrate into the community, and ensure housing needs are met. 

It is proposed in the long-established improved land nearby the HM Prison Haverigg. The existing prison in Cumbia in larger demand and towards to be an open prison. A therapeutic open prison that discloses the untouched areas and brings a reconversion to the district from a declined old mining region towards the open landscape.

In Pentopia, open prisoners are going to reveal a nomadic life in a food forest and community garden. They farm for food supply and maintain the natural landscape in Pentopia, where is ecology valuable to endanger species like dormice, the small blue butterfly in a permaculture food forest. 

In the Pentopia, opportunities, biodiversity, freedom, rehabilitating and a cohesion society will be found in this sustainable archetype. An edible open prison is built on the coexistence of prisoners, the public, and nature.