The inevitable developments of the forth industrial revolution demonstrates a change in character, use and experience of space. It imagines a future society to collate both physical and digital realms in automation and artificial intelligence. With the scenario of automation and AI replacing the traditional system of human labour, this thesis proposal assumes the concept of money will become obsolete and, instead, find the value in quality of life. Therefore, the idea of an experience economy becomes viable with a social credit system. It questions how do we define value when human labour required to create goods and services rapidly reaches zero; how do you manufacture society?

Stereotypically, human societies in urban spaces have been recorded on a flat perspective.  However, flat horizontal geographics still create borders and spaces that are abstracted and unclear, neglecting the three dimensional political world above, below and around the terrestrial surface. As a response, MAtrIx is a system exploring political levels of hierarchy, demonstrating the past, present and future experience of automation and artificial intelligence. The verticality of the structure piles up new technologies what would have been crushed on ground level due to ‘oppressive, polluted and desultory space’ and, instead, ‘set them high above the earth, bathed in light and air’. It demonstrates the language of power, wealth, status and happiness through different levels of urban space.

Ascending through the structure will reflect the increase of quality through all modes of life; in lifestyle, technological advances and political statures. It visualises the concept of a cyber-physical system of Industry 4.0. Artificial intelligence is seen to be a utopian model of digital seamlessness, where all things become abundant. However, developments of these systems and products still need to occur for them to become apparent and, in doing so, errors will happen in the initial introduction of technology. The base of the system reflects the initial developments of technology exposed to glitches of physical production that are singular and fragmented, whereas higher levels demonstrate upsurges in advanced and pioneering possibilities. The pinnacle level will demonstrate an ideal concept of pure digital seamlessness in a complete connected network.