The project is a proposal for a New Shrewsbury Library on the edge of the Quarry Park. It’s a form driven and context-based concept, which was inspired with the series of seminars ‘Reveal, remember & construct’ within the CiA atelier. The aim of the New Shrewsbury Library project is to build a connection between the Quarry Park and the city. It is a continuation of the existing sloping landscape; the structure is inspired by Shrewsbury vernacular architecture styles; it re-examines and develops existing access and flow of people; provides views back to the park and the city; the transparent facade blends the boundary between the outside and the inside, while timber colonnade provides privacy. In this case modern library is a form of social experience, place of tranquility, self-development and reload.

New Shrewsbury Library project is a combination of skills gained through different study units, it both have its theoretical background and technical development. Hand sketching and modelmaking was an integral part of development process. All in all, 1:50 home-made model could be identified as both one of the most enjoyable and successful parts of the project, as it required elaboration of technical details, careful hand crafting, work with materials, creativity and 3d thinking.