Squire Gate Station Master Plan

Through the application of a theoretical framework, this urban design project aims to improve the fabric of the seaside town of Blackpool by addressing objectives drawn from thorough urban design analysis. By applying theory from ‘Cities for a Small Planet’ by Richard Rogers (1987) the project aims to emphasis the value of nature within and around cities and highlight the need to protect and conserve these habitats as well as encouraging active engagement by the citizens which is crucial for a city to be sustainable. This was tested by applying the key principles to a smaller area of the framework to create the master plan.

Retracting the Blackpool South rail line back to Squire Gate and constructing a new train station created a higher density mixed-use district centre connected to others via the extension of the Blackpool tramline which loops around to Blackpool North Station. Replacing the old train line with a green corridor created a walkable route to the town centre. I have created a central transit route that priorities sustainable modes of transportation by diverting Clifton Drive through the centre of the site and away from the Fylde Sand Dune. This habitat is vital for protected species and as natural sea defences however much of it has been lost to development. To prevent further damage implemented a recreational buffer space or protected zone between the sand dunes and development which incorporates a sand dune management strategy and culminates in a learning landscape with a visitors centre that highlights the importance of conserving the wildlife habitats in and around Blackpool through education and recreation.